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Budgetary and Invoicing Sign Offs

To showcase the efficiency of Approvals for when managing your budgets in, we’ll walk you through a fictional scenario featuring Eric, a Finance Manager in a B2B business.

Eric is responsible for managing all invoice approvals that have been requested from various departments within the organization. Let's dive into Eric's workflow and explore how Approvals for streamlines his processes.

Product features used:

In this use case, we'll explore the following Approvals for features:

  • Adding a multi-stage approval process

  • Customize approval title

  • Approval teams

  • Sequential approval process

  • Approval automation template

Use case

Eric efficiently manages the approvals of invoices in By consolidating essential information, he engages stakeholders effectively, reducing lengthy email threads and the potential for overlooked invoices.

Eric will send all new invoice items that need approval through using Approvals for multi-stage approval process.

To begin, he opens a new item on his board and navigates to the Approvals app to add his approval rounds (A).

BI a.png

Eric now configures the approval rounds by renaming the approval round title (B). This helps guide reviewers focus on their dedicated section for approvals and seamlessly integrates with their workflow.

He optimizes the process by incorporating the existing approval teams, efficiently saving time as he adds all necessary individuals within a single approval round.

BI b.png

Now that Eric has configured the approval rounds, the final step before starting the process is to implement a sequential approval process (C). This ensures that the invocie review will automatically progress through a series of approval steps, eliminating the need for Eric to manually advance the process at each stage.

BI c.png

Eric has optimized his workflow by leveraging one of the approval automation features (E). This automation guarantees that once the invoice request is approved, the item on his Monday board will seamlessly transition to a different section on his monday baord.

RC E.png

Finally, Eric will initiate the approval process. The first initial approval round will be active, automatically notifying all reviewers in that particular round.

BI .png

Need support? We’re here to help 🧡

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about Approvals for, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.

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