For many organisations, the approval process is a critical part of project and document management and is often required before work can be finalised.

With Approvals for you can integrate a simple yet powerful review and approval process directly into your boards.

Installing Approvals for

You can install the App in these 4 simple steps:

  1. Open an item on your board

  2. Click on Add View

  3. In the search bar, type “Approvals”

  4. Click on Add Widget

This will add the Approvals for app to your items and board.

Getting Started with your first Approval

Once installed, click into any items on your board and click the Approvals tab. From this screen you will be able to add and customise approvals for your items.

After you click Add New Approval you will be able to add multiple reviewers and customise the names of your approvals. These features provide you with the flexibility to tailor the approval process to your team or business needs.

This is the beginning of the journey for Approvals for, so if there are features you would like to see added in the future, please let us know.